I'm Erin Yuki Violet, student, Japanese speaker, kid lover, and all around crunchy person. You may be wondering some things. Like, "What's up with the ridiculously long Monty Python reference as a title for a Natural Childcare blog?", or "Why on earth is your banner so huge?" (Safe to say, I am not a Paint professional). Read on, to learn more than you ever cared to know about me, natural childcare, Japan, and life in general.
I believe that families should choose whatever works for their family. I think that parents should be given sufficient resources to make their own decision, and that, no matter what decision a person makes, we should all support one another. I think that, in mind of all decisions, it is important to remember that we cannot make each other's decisions. I support babywearing Mamas and Papas, full term breastfeeding Mamas, and ECing Mamas and Papas, but if you choose not to do any of these things, that's cool as well.
I started this blog because I believe that we are all one, and yet, we are each originals. My, quite a paradox. I believe that every person on this earth is unique, original, and different. I think that, in that, we all have something to learn from one another. We are unique, and each of us views the world differently. I think that we have so much to learn from one another's respective views of the world. The internet is an amazing platform for us to each explain out unique opinions, our solutions to problems. And yet, I also think that we are all one. We, as crunchy people, are a community, and I think that the crunchy community needs to support one another, and to share one another's joys and triumphs, as well as each other's sadness and mistakes. That's why I am here. I hope that my blog can be a place where crunchy people can connect, share stories, and learn from one another. Although we are far from one another (in location), we are a community, and I hope my blog can help to bring the community together, as another link on the "chain of crunchiness", if you will.
The title is, at once, a reference to Monty Python's, "And Now, for Something Completely Different", and a message about the content of the blog. I am a young crunchy person, who works with children as an attachment caregiver (TRANSLATION: I'm a baby sitter). I feel that, as a teenage "attachment caregiver"(cough BABY SITTER cough cough), a feminist, and-I admit it-a total hippie, I may have a unique viewpoint to offer. I hope to communicate the ideas and challenges of being young and crunchy, and to talk about attachment caregiving and offer perspectives on working with your children effectively and respectfully. Also, I reference Pop Culture quite often IRL, a habit I have a slight premonition will carry itself into my blog posts as well, hence the "Monty Python" reference as a title. Another example, everyone whom I mention here has been nicknamed after a TV or movie character, because I'm a nerd like that. The evidence would suggest (Rory a la Doctor Who, Buffy, Adora from She Ra) that I am an EXTREME nerd. The evidence is, in this case, completely correct.
 I am Erin Yuki Violet, student, Japanese speaker, and natural childcare provider. I love the ideas and concepts of crunchy life, in that, in some ways, there are no ideas and concepts of crunchy life. Living naturally, at it's core, is about living without the complex social rules we have placed dictating what we must eat, what we must wear, and how we must care for our children and ourselves-it is living in view of how we have truly evolved to live, how we can care for our resources and each other. Being crunchy is about living naturally, the way our bodies were made to, and I love that. I believe that natural childcare is governed by the idea that "very small people have a voice," as Mayim Bialik says. I believe that children have a voice and deserve to be cared for and respected. I believe that it isn't easy, but caregivers can work to care for their children intentionally and lovingly. I think natural childcare means many things, but it all goes back to the idea that caregivers want to do their best to love and care for their children in as natural and effective a way as possible.
As for myself, I baby sit frequently and work with many different families, of all shapes and sizes. I work with special needs children, bilingual children, and children who speak little to no English. I hope that my experiences with many different kinds of children can help others.
Natural and Attachment parenting are not exactly the same thing, but the two often overlap. You may hear me say "natural childcare"-this is simply me being more inclusive, because I believe that caregivers who are not parents can use the concepts of attachment and natural parenting with their children. I usually use it because people give me bizarre looks for saying "Natural Parenting" as a young, single person, but the inclusive thing sounds better, so hey. Attachment Parenting is a term coined by Dr. Sears that refers to a parenting style that focuses on what is truly the best for the children, not what it most convenient for the parents. Attachment parenting encourages contact between children and parents and encourages parents to truly try to understand their children's needs and wants-communicating rather than commanding. Attachment parenting can include, but is not limited to, full term breastfeeding, elimination communication, babywearing,  gentle discipline, natural birth, anti materialism, anti vaccination, and limiting unnecessarily medication or medical intervention.
Natural parenting is a term that is a bit more inclusive than attachment parenting, but includes many of the same concepts and ideals. Natural parents may subscribe to the same ideas previously mentioned, and natural parenting can also include vegetarianism, veganism, the anti circumcision movement, and choices for organic/free trade items, amongst many other things. Neither of these descriptions are perfect or inclusive, and there is so much more to both concepts. Please check out the resources at the bottom of this page to learn more about natural childcare, and feel free to shoot me a questions! I would be glad to answer any queries you may have.
I became acquainted with natural parenting through The Big Bang Theory.
Okay, so that's not completely accurate. I became acquainted with natural parenting through Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy on The Big Bang Theory. By a chain of events vaguely involving Jamie Lynn Grumet and the Time magazine cover in March 2012, I was linked to Mayim Bialik's blog and was intrigued with the concepts of natural parenting. I already practiced many of the ideas, and was thrilled to learn about new concepts that completely fit everything I believed in. Also (can you say BONUS?), as someone who has been told she has a "Japanese mindset", I was pretty excited to learn that if I choose to live my life out in Japan (LIKELY!), many of the concepts were well accepted and supported there. Safe to say, I was pretty psyched. I was already familiar with Bialik because of TBBT, and was thrilled to find out she had a book that laid out the concepts of attachment parenting in an easy to understand, list manner. I devoured the book, and since then have continued to learn about attachment parenting, through Mayim, and also through Hobo Mama, who I absolutely love. I love the concepts of attachment parenting, and I hope that you can learn whether they will work for your family.
So, I just realized that I totally jacked up my URL. It is supposed to say "ANFSCD", standing for "And Now, for Something Completely Different". Unfortunately, I typed it incorrectly as "ANFSDC", and was so excited that I found an un-taken URL after about 15 minuets of trying to find one, that I instantly pushed the "MAKE INTO BLOG" button. So that's that. Let's pretend it's accurate, shall we?
Rory: Rory is my little brother, a crazy mix of sarcastic humor and energy. Rory is crunchy in his own way-he is a DIY kind of guy, who has his own blacksmithing grill in our garage and carves his own bows and swords. Rory and I are very much alike in the way we speak, but very different in many other ways. However, we are both pretty nerdy;Rory's name comes from the Doctor Who character-he is most definitely a Whovian! He enjoys Doctor Who, climbing things, and making a wide variety of weaponry in our garage (the pacifist in me is ashamed).
Adora: Adora is my baby girl. I've been nannying for Adora since she was in Kindergarten, and I have loved seeing her grow up into a big kid! It's tough to see someone small grow up, but she has grown into an intelligent, sweet kiddo. Adora likes crafts and drawing, and is super creative. Though she be but little, she is fierce: she might like playing Barbie and My Little Pony, but she is a fiesty little girl who loves Ninjago and She Ra:Princess of Power (hence the name Adora, after She Ra's alter Ego in the story). Fierce ninja and smart princess? Who says you can't have it all!

(This is the best faceless picture I could find of her..? Sad day.)Buffy: Buffy is a kindergartener for whom I frequently baby sit. She is intelligent and athletic: she learns Japanese from hearing me speak it to her and does karate and gymnastics! She may be cute and petite, but she could break someone's arm, much like the petite and strong Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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