Saturday, April 4, 2015

Japan Journal Seven: A Japanese Lady's Haircut Gives me Middle School-Related Cringe Attacks, and Other Occurrences

Petition for Zoella to voice the next Disney Princess.
Oh, no wait, it got better. I want Zoella to voice the next princess, and I want her character to be betrothed to a prince (played by Tyler Oakley); but she totally isn't into it, and she doesn't want to get married, because she wants to travel and see the world, go on adventures, and explore. He's also iffy about it, but it's never said why. Then, for some reason, they have to go and save the kingdom from imminent danger, so, off they go with Zoella's quirky BFFs (played by Hannah Hart and Troye Sivan, because I love them both). And, the entire movie, you THINK that Zoella and Tyler are going to fall in love, and then their betrothal will all work out, but--plot twist--Tyler's character falls in love with Troye's character, because it turns out that he's gay. And then Zoella gets to go off and travel the world in the end, just as she wanted to do. And Hannah's character makes funny puns, because that's how she rolls.
Oh my gosh, and can there be, like, a sassy fairy Godmother, played by Mamrie? And they're like, 'Dude, can you help us out?" and she's like, "Man, I don't know what's going on. I'm gonna go have a margarita."
And can Jon Cozart just play, like, every other character in the movie? I don't even know whom he should play, but I feel like at some point, he shout form a quartet with himself, seeing as he's shown a remarkable talent for that.  
I would pay so much money to see this movie.
Maybe we should just dial it down to step one, where Zoella is the voice of a Disney princess. But, I'm just saying, Disney execs, you're welcome to any of this information. Free blockbuster material at your fingertips.
So, in a stunning turn of events, I watched Massan this morning, and Ellie was using a notebook to write down new phrases that those around her used! And then, using them incorrectly because she didn't understand them completely. Did I mention that we are basically twins? Oh my word.
This guy tripped today, and knocked over an entire stack of books, and I failed at repressing a laugh and snorted loudly, because I'm a terrible person.
Girl in my club: "You should get married to a Japanese guy!"
Other girl: "Yeah, you can have cute half-Japanese, half-American kids."
Thanks for the tip, guys. I had no idea that that was even an option.

I made friends with a kid on the baseball team, so that officially makes me the coolest.
Today, the entire team came in to the genkan, because they were done with practice, and I was like, "How was practice?," and ALL of the other players looked over, and I was just like, "THAT'S RIGHT, I KNOW HIM, WHAT NOW?." You know, with my eyes.
The baseball team is living that strug life. They all have to shave their heads and wear suits to school. Why? I don't even know.
A belated thank you to the random girl at LAX who let me call my parents on her phone. You the real MVP.
People in Japan are always so impressed to hear that I do my own hair, and they haven't even seen me put it up with a pen yet! It gets better, you guys.
I don't know why they find it so impressive, but I'm just rolling with it.
I saw a Japanese Lady rocking the Kate Gosselin today.
Understanding this joke, I now realizes, will take general knowledge of 2008 pop culture, so I will laugh if someone is reading this years from now, and somehow doesn't get it at all.
No worries, GIFs are here for you:

I was just looking through GIFs and was having these cringe attacks, like, "Why on earth did I even watch this show?", and then I saw this GIF and remembered why:

English teacher: "Erin, can you tell us why Americans use the same word for bodily organs, and organ, as in the instrument?"
Me: They're homonyms?
I had no decent answer. Sorry.
I went to a taiyaki store with Risa the other day (one to which we have been many, many times), and they gave us a free gift with our taiyaki, because they remembered me! It was so sweet. I love this little shop at the station; it's run by a bunch of sweet grandmas and grandpas, and the taiyaki are so delicious! The free gift was so kind--it made my day.
I was feeling kind of iffy-ish yesterday (the ususal struggle of "my host sister won't talk to me" was raging, and was added to by the fact that I found out that I'm not allowed to travel to Tokyo, to which I was REALLY looking forward. So, that all sucked), but today, after school, I got to talk to Risa, and then we walked to the station and went shopping, and it was SO awesome. So much time to talk to Risa, who is fun, sweet, and awesomesauce, and lots and lots of Japanese practice. I was so happy! And she agreed to go to Karaoke with me sometime soon!! Yay. I miss her and her family, they were so amazing. My new family rocks, too, but the whole no talking thing is not fab. So, being able to go to the station today and hang out with Risa just made me feel so much better about the whole situation.
Also, I bought Kristian the most legit necklace of all time. We both have a lot of TFiOS themes clothing, and galaxy-themes stuff in general, and Kristian digs steampunk a lot, so when I saw this legit steampunk-galaxy necklace, I was like, "DUDE. HOW CAN I LEAVE THIS?" I hope she likes it. I loved it, too, but I don't wear a lot of jewelry. I was debating whether or not I should grab it just because I loved the design, when--lo and behold--they had a hairtie of the same thing. What? I know. I was hype.
We will be unabashed, steampunk, TFiOS/Galexy twins, and we will love it.
Me: Ben, I got you a really cool hat.
Ben: Is it like the pointy ones that Japanese people where while they are farming?
Yes, Ben, in fact, it is. And I'm somehow going to fit that into my suitcase without it getting crushed, and bring it back to America for you. Because I am dedicated.
The word "Yo" originated in Philly, so Pennsylvanians are basically the coolest people ever.

A lot of people have asked me what surprised me the most about Japan/what is surprising me the most about Japan.
I think I mentioned this earlier, but just in case I didn't, it's definitely the fact that people sleep in class. Like, unsubtly and frequently. It's interesting to me, because at my school in America, you would have gotten in trouble for sleeping in class, or at least scolded. But here, most teachers just ignore it. So, that was definitely surprising to me.
Another thing that I find amusing: Japanese people call any store (item sold at store)yasan, which literally means Mr/Mrs (item sold at store) store. For example, panyasan = Mr/Mrs. Bread Store. They say this without a trace of irony or cloying. I love it, 
Teacher: "How do you say 'Gyuudon' in English?"
Me: "We don't have Gyuudon."
Teacher, "No, but like, what do you call Gyuudon in America."
Me: "We don't call it anything, we don't have it. 
Teacher: "No, (in English) BEEF BOWL." 
Me: "No, I know what you're talking about. I've eaten it before. We just DON'T HAVE IT." 
I feel like, at the end of the conversation, he still didn't completely understand that we don't have gyuudon in America. 
Today on Massan, Ellie was trying to convince her friend's family to allow her to have a job outside of the home. Rock on with your bad self, Ellie; you rock my socks. Not only is she basically me, she's a feminist, too? And in 1920?! I love her forever,
Teacher: Who's the tallest in this class?
*Class calls out tallest person's name*
Teacher: Okay, really? How many centimeters?
*Person answers question*
Teacher (with a touch of benevolent envy): Ahh, really? That must be nice. (Literally, he said, "Aaaa, ii naa~ in the voice that one might use when one hears that one's friend is going on vacation to Disneyland. It was hysterical).
He's like 5'3". It made my day.
The cover of my Ethics book is Aristotle/Plato, universals vs. particulars. I think the real name is "The School of Athens," but I am doomed forever to think of it in the way in which it is discussed in "How Should We Then Live," which we read and analyzed extensively in my sociology class. Thanks to this class, I look like I know what I am talking about in Ethics, so woot!
Today, my teacher made a reference to Giant Baba, and I understood it only because I used to read "Love Com" in middle school, and there was a character who was nicknamed "Giant Baba" in the comic (you know, due to his gargantuan height), so, to whomever suggests that manga aren't educational....there you go.
I was just like,

I like that the YouTube ad campaign means that I get cool ads for Japanese YouTube channels on my sidebar. Yay, lucky me!
Of course, SciShow commercials start coming on TV when I'm out of the country :/
I have no idea from whence this madness came, but I had a cringe attack/flashback back to eight grade Study Skills class today.
Shout out to the girl who, every time we had to watch the bizarre study skills videos that were made in the 80's and featured horrible hair and such useful pieces of advice as "You need to get an assignment book. That's a book where you keep your assignments," complained about the fact that she was seated directly in front of the screen. 
"It feels like she's staring into my soul!" she said of the creepy women featured in the videos. She gave an almost constant and completely irrelevant commentary throughout the videos about how irked she was about her placement, until, out of desperation, the teacher made her switch seats with me. And then I had to deal with the creepiness. So, lucky me. 
I'm pretty sure that Avril Lavigne is a vampire, that chick is eternally youthful.
And insanely popular in Japan. LET THEM KNOW THAT WE'RE STILL ROCK AND ROLL! 
Today, when this one kid was asked a question, he randomly got up, walked across the room, and looked out the window before answering Whatever works, I guess, dude.
His accent. C'mon.
Today, I was on Tumblr, and someone reblogged  something in Japanese I didn't even notice that anything was different about it, until a few seconds after seeing it, when I was like, "hold up, that was Japanese." Immersion rocks!
So, I just introduced my homegirl to Zoella, and she messaged me and was like, "Who's that guy that Zoella was dating? He's definitely gay." And I was like, "Alfie..? Alfie's NOT gay, what's she talking about....OMG, SHE MEANS TYLER OAKLEY, SHE WATCHED THEIR FAKE BOYFRIEND TAG."
I die. I was laughing so hard.
My homegirls are the best.
Yesterday, I talked to Kristian for a  long time about her new book--which sounds absolutely FANTASTIC. I can't wait to read it. Guess who is a character? That would be yours truly. I AM PRETTY EXCITED ABOUT IT (I hadn't meant for this to be in CAPS, but I decide to keep it, since I feel it accurately describes my feelings about this situation). The book sounds great, and Kristian is mega talented, so I know that it will be fabulous. And we had our normal amount of nerdy banter, which is always enjoyable.
And then this morning, I talked to Liss for a while about YouTube, which was AWESOME, as YouTube is my passion/addiction. I introduced her to Zoella and she's totally into it, which pleases me, because I adore Zoella.
Yay for positive interaction!
BOO for too much English. I need to go and speak Japanese now. No more internet. 
Yesterday, I went to the bookstore and bought a bunch of books that I didn't need, which is always fun. I stuck them all in my backpack, and then had to wait while the employee processed my card, and somehow, during the three minuets that it took to do this, I completely forgot that they were in there. I hoisted my backpack onto my back and was like, "Oh my gosh, why on EARTH is this thing so heavy and lumpy?! What did I put in....OH, DUH."
Mistakes made.

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