Saturday, August 2, 2014

DIY Lei with Real Flowers

We made Hawaiian leis out of real flowers (we used Rose of Sharon, and it was perfect), and it was such a fun and easy project! Here's how:
You will need a needle, thread, and about 30 blossoms.
Then, take your flowers individually and poke the needle through the center of each one, threading them onto the string. The pictures explain it better.

Adora's stash

She also added a rose

The long flower chain

 flowers onto the string

The finished product! A gorgeous lei.
Easy peasy. 
This was such an easy and cool project, I definitely recommend it. Especially if you're learning about Hawaii (Or if you want to go there desperately on a vacation but have no money. Or if you just watched Lilo and Stitch. Not that I would allow such things to guide our creative whimsy :p ) I want to put the rest of my pictures up from Hawaii week (and from our weeks and weeks of learning about Japan, and from learning about Germany, and all of our recent sensory adventures), but my camera is loading my pictures onto here veery slowly. So, that will all be up eventually. Stay tuned (who even says that? I do. BRINGING IT BACK, Y'ALL).

In the meantime, subscribe to my YouTube channel (a collaboration with Kristian from Five Paws Studio) to keep up with my adventures in Japan!

Or, jam with Adora and Juno's favourite music here via our summer playlist (we somehow ignore the idea of a playlist by constantly listening to the same three Sara Barellis songs on a loop. You want to hear Fairly Tale? No need to buy the CD [like anyone does that anymore, you loser], I'll just sing it for you, WORD FOR WORD, while narrating exactly what happens in the music video. Now she is Jasmine. Now the director is angry. I can save you pain and money. You're welcome).

I love her, by the way. Sara is amazing. Which is good, because her songs are currently the soundtrack of our lives.

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