Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Summer Breeze

Summer is in full swing, and we are enjoying all that it has to offer to us. 

 Like CATS! We love Luna.
 Juno beading a bracelet.
 Watching TV in English is for noobs (the kiddos LOOVE Shugo Chara).
 We did an "archaeological dig" the other day! I froze various toys and shells in ice..
 ...Then gathered various excavation tools...
 Including hot water (a must have! Clears away the ice easily without breaking any of the toys). 
 The excavation sites.
 The girls having at it! 
 Digging for treasures

 Utilizing the hot water

 Good times. Adora has asked to do it again since, so I guess it was a hit! 
 We also made bath crayons the other day! Very fun and easy project. 

Some form of gak-related goodness we crafted the other day. Sand, corn starch, and water. The girls loved it. 
The girls are enjoying:
Crafting, swimming, and enjoying summer!
I am enjoying:
That's what we've been doing this summer, how about you all? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear. 


  1. So fun! I want to try that ice excavation!

    1. Thanks!
      The girls freaking LOVED the ice thing. We did it, like, a day later, because Adora asked after it again XD It was so easy to make, and then it entertained them for quite a while. Fabulous and easy project!