Friday, July 25, 2014

Japanese Immersion Learning: Progress!

Adora, Juno and I went for a fun day with my Grandfather today: a tour of a local historical house, kayaking and swimming in a river, and a freaking amazing trip to a yard sale that was basically straight out of 1985 (it was magical. So many 80's toys, still in their boxes. We scored hard. Rainbow Brite dolls, mini cassette players, this insane cow thing that I can't even begin to explain).

The cow in question. It's kind of magical. It drinks water, and then you can MILK IT. No joke. It was 50 cents. Winning.

But I digress. The best part of the day was when I noticed how much Japanese Adora and Juno have been learning, just through me speaking it to them. I often refer to my Grandfather as Ojiisan, the Japanese word for Grandpa, and they both referred to him in that way throughout the day. It was adorable. For example, I asked Adora whether she had enjoyed her lunch, and she responded, "Yes! Ojiisan knows how to make kids happy." And all day long, they called him Ojiisan. It just made my heart happy to see them speaking Japanese.
     They have also begun to respond to things I say to them in Japanese (phrases which I say frequently, and which they have begun to understand), which is cool. For example, I say "Ki o tsukete kudasai" (please be careful!) a lot (probably more than I should XD Sometimes I am overly nervous). I said it to Juno the other day, and she said back, "Of course I will be careful!!" Yay! Immersion success. I am so excited to see their language skills progressing in this way.
     I enjoyed a sweet day with these sweet kiddos today, and noticing their language skills was the icing on the cake.
Do you do language immersion with your children at all? Tell me some cute stories in the comments!

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