Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Throwback...Wednesday?

Three posts in a row? I feel like a superhero. 
Here are my other posts, if you're interested: The Carnival of Natural Parenting, and a YouTube-related linky party. 
The card reader isn't working on my computer, but I found a ton of cute, old pictures, so throwback time it is!  

                                                     So, more recent photos for comparison purposes.
                                  Dressed as Amy Farrah Fowler, but you get the idea.
 AAAAND BABY RORY (and small me, too. But I think the contrast is less drastic). (Big Rory can be found here).

 Making teru teru boozu with teeny Adora (admire my photoshop skills)

Wearing kimono and-you guessed it-waiting to go and see the horses.
Haha, we are always doing something Japanese, it would seem.

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