Saturday, June 21, 2014

Our Sensory Table: Week One

I decided to create a sensory table for the girls.
 I'm planning on changing the inside materials every week (with their help and approval), so I thought I could document what we use for our table this summer, in case anyone else would like some inspiration.
THIS WEEK: Ghost Mud (snow for the playmobile characters, of course), rainbow sand, and good old-fashioned water. 

 The toys are all Playmobile, which the girls adore. They are easy to clean and come in a ton of varieties; perfect for sensory table play. The unicorns are a favourite.
 Water bottle makes a cameo.
 (The water was their idea. I think they like it better than the sand and dough, actually XD Whatever works, right?)

Rainbow sand/ghost mud. The rainbow sand is salt, mixed with paint. I couldn't find a satisfactory recipe to which I could link, because we kind of just made it up, but it turned out very well; it's lovely. The colours are vivid, and the salt sparkles when dry, so not only is it colourful, it's sparkly. The girls love it. I highly recommend it!

Check back next week to see if I actually carry through with my idea of changing it!

The table, for those curious. This isn't the EXACT table, but I think it's close? This one was made in like 1998 and is decidedly low-tech, but that's one of the things I love about it. Low tech generally means low maintenance.

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