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Cool, Crunchy, and Nerdy Parent Vloggers to Watch

This post is basically a giant linky party (WOOT WOOT) of links to YouTube videos, so, it's generally a good time. Enjoy!
For the photos, I have the photo credit linked underneath. I tried to ask permission for most of them, and put credit when that was not possible. If you want me to take your photo down, please, let me know, and I will! Thanks for your understanding.
So, I love YouTube.
Like, really, REALLY love YouTube (I have this video up in the other window as we speak) *.  I would probably sell my soul to John and Hank Green if they asked me to do so (why probably? I would do it. Let's be real). I'm a part of the super-nerdy YouTube subculture (Viva la nerdfighteria!), and I adore the relationships that I have garnered through it. I was recently contemplating YouTube, and was wondering: there are tons of blogs run by cool, offbeat Mamas and Papas about their lives; what about video blogs with regard to the same topic? I read a ton of caregiving blogs, and I have found them very helpful with regard to learning how to better care for the kiddos with whom I work. I think that parenting vloggers would be extremely beneficial to people who best take in information visually or auditorily, so I Googled, looking for a list of whom to watch, but found nothing. I'm noticing a general gap when it comes to mama/papa YouTubers; but hey, what else am I here for, if not making lists of YouTubers? When you can't find, make, right?
So, without further ado, here is my list of cool, crunch or nerdy caregiver vloggers:
Photo Credit (I just lifted this from Tumblr, but I'm trying to be a good person here):
1. John Green
I couldn't not, you guys, He is just perfection.
John Green is kind of the king of the internet. He creates video blogs weekly with his brother Hank, on the channel Vlogbrothers, and the channel has spawned an amazing online community, called nerdfighteria (individual members are known as nerdfighters), that works to decrease worldsuck (learn more about nerdfighteria here).  The channel originally started as a ways of communication for John and Hank, but has exploded into a huge, nerdy community. He has two children, Henry and Alice, and although they infrequently appear in videos, it's always fun to see them when they do. John created this particular gem of himself and Henry cooking dinner that is one of my favorite things ever.   In addition, he has these squee-inducing videos of baby Henry, (and there are more! I keep finding more, you guys. John Green is amazing). And OH MY GOLLY GRACIOUS YOU GUYS, HE BABYWEARS.  My life is complete. I can just stop this post now.
...But, I won't, because there is more vlogbrothers epicness to be discussed.
Also, John is just an epic person in general, and he creates intellectual videos that discuss world news, fun and nerdy topics, travel, and all kind of good stuff (and Hank will give one lessons on how to be a baby, and how to name one's children properly, so he's pretty enjoyable, as well). I highly recommend his (their) videos. DFTBA!

Photo Credit:
2. Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter)
Can we just? She is adorable, and her three year old daughter Darcy is probably the cutest thing that ever happened to the world.
Louise is an offbeat mama vlogger from England (her accent is lush) who creates sweet videos with Darcy, her tiny offspring. The first Louise video I ever saw was actually on Dan Howell's channel, but I thought she was really funny, and even since then, I've been super interested in her videos. I love how real Loise is. Most Mama vloggers I've seen seem unnatural in front of the camera. Louise, on the other hand, loves what she does, and her videos exhibit her natural interactions with Darcy, which are super sweet. Also, Darcy is seriously THE CUTEST, so that's a bonus. Her tiny little British accent just kills me in the best way possible. They do fun, crafty things together, they go shopping, and they just go about their normal days on the channel, which is fun to see.
This is one of my favourite Louise videos, because I think it's so relatable and hilarious. l. Like, whoops, my husband left, so let's just keep on keeping on, and make this video along with Darcy.  And Darcy's tiny accent. SO cute.
"We're just going to crack on regardless." Yes, Louise, yes. Roll with the punches.
When she tries to talk, and Darcy keeps interrupting. I die. Oh my word, so hilarious XD
"This is why Mummy films all her videos when you're having a sleep!" Priceless.
Go check out her channel! There is tons more Darcy adorableness where that came from.
3. Ann Le (anneorshine)

AnneorShine typically does DIY videos (this is the first of hers that I saw, DIY Bath Jellies! I made them for a friend for Christmas, and the video was super easy to follow. They turned out great, and my friend loved them), but she occasionally uploads cute videos in which she does projects with her son Vincent.  Also, her Draw my Life video is very inspiring, and she discusses how Vincent has filled her life with love. So sweet. In the same video, she talks about her early life in Vietnam, and her relationships with family members; it's just very powerful. she also has this cute animation about camping with her family, which, as a member of a very camping-centric family, I relate to on a spiritual level.  It seems like she knows how to make the best of a bad situation.
In addition, her DIY videos are legendary! Check them out if you have time. They are simple to follow and very fun.
Also, she makes Fault in our Stars soap. Nerdfighteria is everything, guys. 
Crunchy points to her for her cool camping trip, and for her legit DIY stuff. I love her videos, I hope that you will, too!
Photo Credit:
4. Hobo Mama (Lauren Wayne)
Whaat, Hobo Mama has a YouTube channel? I know. It's amazing.
If you read my writings here at all, you probably know that I'm a tiny bit (this is a blatant understatement) addicted to Lauren's blog, so I'm pretty excited to have discovered her YouTube channel.
Lauren has cute and fun videos of her and her kids, helpful instructional videos, singing (I know! Natural Parenting-related songs! Pure epicness), and just general adorableness  And she's funny, too! So, bonus. She has this insanely helpful sign language video for anyone utilizing baby sign, so check it out if that would help you at all! And oh, man, you guys, Crackerdog Sam makes a video appearance!  This is exciting. If you like Lauren's blog (which we all do ;) ), then you will love her YouTube channel! It's an extension of her writings, something that puts moving faces to her words.
So, my list of legit caregiver YouTubers ends. I hope that you've found some to enjoy! If there are any that you watch that are glaringly missing from my list, please leave me a comment. It would be great to find some others to add to this list, as there seem to be so few offbeat parents on YouTube. And hey, who knows-maybe this post will inspire you to make some videos. There definitely seems to be a gap in the market for this sort of thing. I hope I've transferred my addiction to YouTube onto you, in the most positive way. Let me know if you like any of the YouTubers I have suggested, I'd love to hear if any of them were new to you!

*Just for fun, i'm going to link up the YouTube rabbit trails on which I embarked while I was supposed to be finding videos for this post. So..this should be interesting (and possibly worrying).
These middle aged men reenacting an episode of iCarly (Why am I even watching this..?)
Ann Le's Everyday Moment (Mom Vlogger! I'm on topic. Ish).
Danisnotonfire: How I Got Fired (I will never understand why this was on the sidebar of a Hobo Mama video. I blame her trip to England ;)
Hank Green: The Subway Where I Used to Go (Hank Green is life, yo).
Oh, look, it's Boom Clap again.
With regard to Boom Clap:
Me: Do you want to go see TFiOS with me and some friends?
Rory: No way, man. I got the feels just from watching that music video.
Zoella's being cute, as usual.
Did I mention that Hank Green is life? Let's reiterate.
And let's reiterate just a little bit more.
This digression is (technically) remarkably on topic, what with all the vlogbrothers I am consuming. 
..Wow, that's a lot of digression. This is why I can't have nice things. And also why writing a short post took me like two days.

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