Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Don't Leave your Camera Unattended

I left my camera in the car for  approximately three seconds to go and get something, and then this happened:


Rory and his BFF Augustus took a ton of selfies. Thanks, guys, for gifting me with the present of your beautiful faces.
Oh, gracious. 
In other news, Adora's cool banner is featured on Natural Parent's Network today! Check it out here
In a little bit more news, I'M BACK, HOMIES! School is done, and I'm nannying again! Expect a lot more activity here, and maybe so exciting Japan-related posts in addition to the nannying ones, as I prepare to embark on a trip to Japan next fall (!!). Post your WW stuff in the comments, please-I want to see what you guys have been doing!