Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Tanabata

 Adora and I celebrated the Japanese holiday of Tanabata last Monday. Rory got us a bamboo stick to decorate, and we were so excited to make our wishes! Notice Adora's American Girl doll (let's call her Serena) in her cute "kimono".
 Our first decoration was the あめ の 川 (Amenogawa), the Milky Way. Instructions for every decoration we made can be found here, and although the directions are in Japanese, the site is very user friendly, and the pictures are easy to follow. Adora didn't think this looked like the Milky Way, but it's cute anyway, so WHAT and EVER.
 Hanging our Amenogawa.
 We also made paper chains!
 Adora enjoyed color coding them and cutting out the papers.

 She also enjoyed calling for tape, as if she were a surgeon. "Scalpel! Tape!"
 We then twisted it around the tree.

 Adora though up these "bird cages" for out tree; cranes stand for good fortune in Japan, so perhaps it's good that we're caging good fortune? I hope so.
 We wrote our wishes in Japanese on the front...
 ..and English on the back....Okay, so mine are only in Japanese.
 Hanging our wishes on the wish tree.

 The completed tree!
 We enjoyed our Tanabata. How is your family celebrating summer holidays?


  1. I love this! Looks like she was working hard:)

    1. Thank you so much! She enjoyed it a lot. She's a super crafty kid. I can't wait to try some of the crafts on your site with her! They are all cute and look super fun.

  2. I'm learning so much! This is such a great post. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful Tanabata. I like all the different decorations, and I'm hoping her wish for a kitten comes true. ;)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it was super fun. I'm glad we decided to celebrate. Haha, I think she hopes so, too. Most of her wishes were from tangible items, but mine were all concepts (a good school year, for Adora's baby brother to be healthy). Interesting, right? She is very determine3d about that kitten. Either that, or a pony. She lives in the city, so I'm guessing her family will go for the kitten.