Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Play

 Adora loves playing and creating. It is really interesting to see her mind at work as she organizes and hypothesizes structures.

Adora spent at least two and a half hours (I'm not even exaggerating..she loves these toys so much) planning out and setting up this structure.The characters are Playmobil, some of her favorite toys.
 It is fascinating to see her process of thought as she sets up the castle. It's seriously amazing to see her applying things we read about Midaevil times to the toys.
She has so much focus for this, which I think is fascinating.
I mean, seriously, you guys. Look at this.

 We're also enjoying building roller coasters out of Rory's old train set.
Adora would like to see a roller coaster that includes the red and white "changer" piece, so as to create a different roller coaster experience every time one rides it. She gives Disney World permission to use her idea, as long as she receives profit enough for a small mansion.

 The changer piece in action.
For some reason, she is especially proud of this bridge.
This is Rory using the SAME train tracks, circa 2000. Notice my feet making a cameo.
Adora's train, 2013. Crazy stuff.


  1. That changer idea is *brilliant*! Get on it, Disney.

    I love watching kids get so absorbed in building and organizing. Setting up my play items was definitely my favorite part when I was a kid — furnishing the dollhouse, or making role lists for playing school, etc. Somehow preparing was just as much fun as actually playing!

  2. Oh my goodness, I know, right? Adora thinks so, too ; ) She asked me to take pictures, so she can send them to Disney. I would seriously ride that roller coaster.
    I was the same way when I was small, too! I can recall spending hours setting up my dollhouse! And I loved making homework papers and pretending to grade them, haha. My friends and I used to spend so much time divvying up dolls and supplies that we never got to actually play the games we had devised!