Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Invocation of the Muse (Blog Kickoff and GERMAINE SCOT AND FRIENDS CD GIVEAWAY!)

     Welcome to And Now, for Something Completely Different!
     I'm psyched to be embarking on this project for the summer, which I'm hoping will allow me to connect with many crunchy people and make a difference in the crunchy community. However, I had NO idea how to start this blog off.
     I was pretty much like, "PSSHHH, Blog intro? Ain't nobody got time for that!" Blog intros just seemed so..mainstream. I know I sound like a hipster, but I legitimately thought writing a blog intro post was like subjecting myself to the man. Or something like that. I was not super thrilled with the idea of writing a "welcome to my blog, blah, blah, blah, here's an introduction to me blah blah" post, because I have an intro page that answers any questions about my persona one might have. Perhaps one is beginning to see my dilemma. In the end, I've decided the crunchy thing to do is "invoke the muse", and to avoid this becoming too intro-y, thus subjecting me to the man, I'm kicking things off right away with a GIVEAWAY! Feel free to skim my muse invocation and scroll right to the bottom if you are interested in the giveaway. It's quite clearly labeled for your convenience : P
     So, one might be wondering, what is the "invocation of the muse"? The muses, whom you may already be familiar with if you have viewed the film "Hercules", are Greek Goddesses who were thought to control the arts and sciences. Before ancient Greek authors wrote an epic, they would call for the muses to come and sing through them, which supposedly gifted the author with talent in art, allowing them to enlighten the readers of their epic with Godly wisdom. Hence the term "invocation of the muse". I probably won't be enlightening anyone with Godly wisdom, but hopefully I can have the ability to coherently communicate my ideas and opinions here, so some divine talent couldn't hurt. Consider the muse invoked.
     I'm not sure whether of not the ancient Greeks invoked the muse in their daily lives, but it certainly couldn't hurt to try with this Germaine Scott and Friends: Happy Times 3" CD! Terrible transitions aside, summer is the season of road trips, and it certainly couldn't hurt to have some fun, Latin music to entertain your kids on long car rides! Having a new CD under your belt can be an easy and simple fix to cranky kids on a long trip. Plus, it has a baby on the cover: